Completion Fluid Filtration Services

We provide full range of Certified Equipment, Chemicals & Qualified Personnel to perform Completion Fluids Filtration and Chemical Services.

Not only equipped with DE filter press for greatest operational efficiency in on-line filtration jobs, and Dual Filter Pods units; we are also supplying Parker’s PLEATFLOW certified ABSOLUTE RATED (filtration efficiency >99.98%), thermally welded replacement pleated filter cartridges, ensuring safe operation and optimum filtration performance.

Apart from Filtration Equipment, we are able to supply a wide range of Completion Fluids Specialty products, including Casing Cleaners for efficient Wellbore Clean-Out, Brine Lubricants and Demulsifiers, Reservoir Protection Chemicals and Packer Fluids products

Contact us for Completion Fluids Filtration and Chemical Specialist advice.

Oil Flushing Services

We provide Oil Flushing Services. HB is equipped with latest Parker Portable Filter Cart which is an ideal way to pre-filter and transfer fluids into reservoirs or to clean up existing systems. We are able to enhance its cleanliness level to meet various industrial cleanliness standard.

The Parker portable filter cart uses 2 high capacity ModuFlow Plus filters for long element life and better system protection. It is the most economical way to protect your system from contamination which harms the system.

Pressure Test up to 58,000 PSI

We provide On-Site & In- House Pressure Test services. Test pressure range covers from very low pressure, up to 58,000 PSI (4000 Bar). Our full range of equipment includes Portable High Pressure Test Pump, Portable Chart Recorder, Pressure Sensors & High Pressure Hose.

A 40ft Pressure Test Bunker is available in our New Yard, built with thick concrete walls and double panel steel doors ensures the safety of our operators while performing their job.

Coning & Threading for Medium & High Pressure Tubing up to 60,000 PSI

Our technicians are trained by manufacturer to perform high quality Coning & Threading process for your Medium Pressure (20,000 PSI) & High Pressure (60,000 PSI) Stainless Steel Tubes.

Equiped with special tools, we are able to produce these in our workshop and also On-Site upon special request. We are able to arrange special training to your staff, conducted by our product principle.

Pressure Test Equipment Rental

We also provide rental services on Pressure Test Equipments. Our rental fleet includes, Portable High Flow Pumps, Portable High Pressure Pumps, Chart Recorders, High Pressure Hoses.

All rentals equipment are calibrated by 3rd party, certificates are available upon request.

Customized Pressure Test Solution

If you need to purchase a Pressure Test System, our qualified technicians are able to Customize a pressure test system to suit your own application, portable or permanently installed.

Consultation services and questionaire will be provided upon discussion, design drawing and system details will also be presented before assembly process.

Our customized Pressure Test System are built with high quality components to ensure high performance and durability.

High Pressure Pump Service & Repair

Got problem with your existing Pressure Test Pump?

Our experienced technicians are able to help in troubleshooting, servicing and also repairing multiple brands of Pressure Test pumps. Spare parts for Pressure Test Pumps are available upon request.

Calibration of MSA Gas Detector

Our qualified technician is able to perform Calibration Services for MSA Gas Detectors. Equipped with state of the art machines manufactured by MSA, the Calibration process is fast, accurate and traceable.

With this service available, customers no longer need to worry about the after sales services for their purchase of MSA Gas Detector.